3D Printer Upgrades

3D Printer Upgrades

Many 3D printers are manufactured on a tight budget and supplied in what could be considered ‘basic configurations.
Due to their modular design, many functions can be upgraded with higher specification parts.
Here at 3D 360 we are experts in ‘Pimp my printer’ upgrades.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your 3D printer upgrades needs and to see how 3D 360 can help.
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How to get your printer to our 3D 360 workshop?

How to get your printer to our 3D 360 workshop?

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Typical Pimp my Printer upgrades include:

  • Extruders.

  • Hotends.

  • Build Surfaces.

  • BL Touch / Auto-Bed-Levelling Sensors.

  • Dual Extruder Upgrades.
  • Bed-Level Springs.
  • LED Lighting.
  • Multi-Material Upgrades & Extruders.
  • Nozzle Upgrades.

  • Firmware Upgrades.

  • Raspberry Pi & SCB.

  • And Much More.

3D 360 Repairs Services

3D 360 Repairs Services

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