Emerging Skills Project

Additive Manufacture training course
Delivered by 3D 360

3D 360 were selected as the sole UK training provider to deliver all 7 pilot modules of the Additive Manufacture programme on behalf of the High Value Manufacturing Catapult’s Emerging Skills Project.

The ESP Additive Manufacturing programme was developed in collaboration with the High Value Manufacturing Catapult using their knowledge of cutting-edge innovation to build training for the manufacturing workforce.

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What is Additive Manufacture?

  • Compares the 7 Additive Manufacturing processes on their technology, output and applications.

  • Outlines the reasons why we would choose a particular technology over another.

Requirements Capture for Additive Manufacture

  • Recognises the purpose and benefit of capturing full AM requirements in a single step.

  • Identifies AM-specific factors and questions that should be established during requirements capture process for a given application.

Design for Additive Manufacture (DfAM)

  • Defines the unique design requirements of AM in relation to suitability, material and process selection.

  • Outlines the unique opportunities AM design has to offer.

  • Investigate the considerations and restrictions of DfAM (design for additive manufacture).

Health & Safety for Additive Manufacture

  • Explains health, safety, laws and legislation associated with loose powders.

  • Describes health and safety (H&S) best-practice guidelines.

  • Identifies hazards associated with loose powders.

  • Explains prevention and control methods used to reduce risk.

  • Captures unsafe practices, applying appropriate mitigation techniques.

Powder Handling for Additive Manufacture

  • Comprehensive capture of the powder handling processes.

  • Apply best-practice guidelines to ensure powder quality is maintained during transportation, storage, use, recycling and disposal.

  • Lists the steps in the AM powder handling process and applies best practice to the quality from receipt to disposal.

  • Outlines the safety considerations at each stage of the AM powder handling process.

Manufacture and Production for Additive Manufacture

  • Compares the 7 processes their technology, applications and output.

  • Examines the four-stage method of selecting the most suitable process for a particular requirement.

  • Outlines the fundamentals of the AM manufacturing process including Powder handling & management & Directed Energy Deposition.

  • Applies the process selection method to case studies using primary and secondary down selection outcomes.

  • Applies best-practice process selection methodology to a requirement capture for your chosen component.

  • Identifies the metallurgical principles of metal AM and how they affect material properties during the manufacture of your parts.

  • Outlines the file management and data strategy for AM.

  • Identify methods for best practice powder characterisation for Additive Manufacturing in your organisation.

  • Correctly identify methods for best practice powder handling for Additive Manufacturing in your organisation.

  • Correctly identify methods for best practice powder management for Additive Manufacturing in your organisation.

  • How to apply best practice safety guidelines when handling loose powders during a variety of processes.

Post Processing for Additive Manufacture

  • Outlines the typical post-build processes for Powder Bed Fusion and Binder Jetting components.

  • Accurately assess as-built components for manufacturing defects to avoid post-processing faulty parts.

  • How to apply best-practice support removal techniques to real components, avoiding part damage.

  • Outlines the different methods of inspection and metrology used in AM processes.

  • Appropriate inspection methods for given AM process and products.

All modules include Scorm E-learning modules & Quiz and Self-Study

The course modules are delivered remotely between the hours of 10am and 4pm.

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Course Modules

All modules include Scorm E-learning modules & Quiz and Self-Study

  • What is Additive Manufacture? – 2 Days
  • Requirements Capture for Additive Manufacture – 1 Day
  • Design for Additive Manufacture (DfAM) – 2 Days
  • Health and Safety for Additive Manufacture – 1 Days
  • Powder Handing for Additive Manufacture – 1 Day
  • Manufacture and Production for Additive Manufacture – 2 Days
  • Post Processing for Additive Manufacture– 1 Day

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Duration: 10 Day Course

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