Fault Diagnostic Service

Fault Diagnostic Service

Introducing our £129 + VAT – 4 F`s (Flat-Fee Fault Finding)

Accurate diagnosing of 3D printer faults can be a complex and time-consuming exercise,
especially if the fault involves multiple failures.

3D 360 diagnostics process starts with an initial conversation with the client to establish the printing issue. Once we take receipt of your printer, we open a case file and perform an initial high-level inspection. Using a combination of our specialist tools, test equipment and expertise, we establish the root cause of the problem.

Minor repairs are covered under the diagnostics fee.

Where your printer requires further work or parts, a member of our technical team will contact you to discuss the faults, quotation and repair options.

Any further repair work will only commence once we have received authorisation from you to proceed.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your 3D printer diagnostic needs and to see how 3D 360 can help.
Call us on 01942 901 360 or Click here to contact us

How to get your printer to our 3D 360 workshop?

How to get your printer to our 3D 360 workshop?

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Typical 3D Printer Faults

Typical 3D Printer Faults

From our fully equipped printer repair workshop based in Leigh, our 3D 360 technicians have the experience and knowledge to repair, upgrade or refurbish most makes and models of 3D printers.

Below is a list of common 3D printer faults:

  • Incorrect bed-levelling.

  • Firmware issues.

  • End-stops and limit switch faults.

  • Nozzle feed tube blockages.

  • Incorrect Axis alignment.

  • Drive Belt tensioning.

  • Layer shift.

  • Motherboard failure.

  • Stepper motor faults and failures.

  • Incorrect stepper motor calibration.

  • Extruder blockages / under-extrusion.

3D 360 Repair Services

3D 360 Repair Services

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