Zortrax – Safe & Secure Bundles

3D 360 modified Zortrax M series printers – The safest M200 & M300 printers on the planet

At 3D 360 our number one priority is printer safety and we could not specify for industry, and certainly not education, an unguarded, unfiltered, non-locking 3D printer with no obvious way of stopping it if an Emergency situation arises.

Our dual HEPA & carbon filter hood protects against potentially harmful fumes, VOC`s & Ultrafine particles. The Hood also protects against accidental finger trap or hair tangle injuries.

What makes 3D 360 printers safer than others?

3D 360 retro fit door locks, hood fixing brackets, safety signs and an emergency stop capability. We also produce a comprehensive risk assessment and risk reduction report. This work is to reduce the risk of personal injury and increase equipment and operational safety levels

Additional Benefits with a 3D 360 –  Zortrax Safe & Secure Bundle

6 Spools of 3D 360 Eco & Educational PLA filament

3D 360 advanced printing tool Kit inc certified PPE

SMARTWATER marked with serial number certificate

3D printing risk assessment and reduction report

Our 3D 360 – Zortrax Safe & Secure Bundles