Why Choose a 3D 360 Training Course?

Why Choose a 3D 360 Training Course?

Here at 3D 360, we are not retail focused. The company is born out of industry and is dedicated to educating existing engineers, and the next generation of young engineers, on the benefits of 3D printing and industry.

3D printing and additive manufacturing is now challenging traditional manufacturing techniques on both production and environmental levels and making the previously un-manufacturable possible.

Now is the time to educate industry and the next generation of young engineers of the wonders and infinite possibilities that 3D printing brings.

Whether you are new to 3D printing or an experienced engineer, teacher or technician, our training modules are tailored to suit all ability levels and are designed to challenge and change the way you think about and use 3D printers.

All our courses are tailored around your individual requirements and focus on implementing industry transferable skills and proven industry techniques.

“Come on the journey into Industry 4.0 and Additive Manufacturing with 3D 360”

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your 3D printing training package needs and to see how 3D 360 can help. Call us on 01942 901 360 or Click here to contact us.

Training Courses We Offer

Training Courses We Offer

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